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Harvest Moon Automation

Smart Farming through Innovation

We develop novel, smart farming equipment to enable growers to tend each individual plant. Our strategic partners, who are leaders in their industry, are implementing our new Inspect & Reject system for a healthier, more profitable harvest.

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Inspect & Reject

Turning Traditional Harvesters into Smart Harvesters

Traditional harvesters harvest all the plants in their path. Our Inspect & Reject solution uses machine vision, robotics and proprietary algorithms to enable traditional harvesters to harvest healthy plants while accurately rejecting diseased, damaged, and contaminated plants  in real-time.

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Spinach infected with downy mildew rejected in the field during harvest by our Inspect & Reject system.


Smart Harvesting of Fragile Produce

Fragile produce is harvested by increasingly scarce manual labor. With the support of the National Science Foundation and our strategic industry partners we are developing automated, real-time, selective harvesting solutions for fragile produce.

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Our Company

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Technical expertise.  Agricultural experience.  Attention to customers.

  • Decades of engineering expertise in machine vision, robotics, and mechanical engineering.

  • Unique, patent-protected technologies.

  • Over 10 years of experience in agricultural automation.

  • Partnership with our customers to create real solutions to fit their needs.

  • Consulting services to help customers innovate and develop new solutions.

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  • Harvest Moon Automation's Inspection & Rejection Product for smart harvesting of Leafy Vegetables was featured in:


California Agriculture, June 2018  

Next Generation Mechanization

  • Harvest Moon Automation  - Selected for a Phase 1 SBIR Grant from the National Science Foundation, December 2017 

Robotic Gripper for Fragile Produce

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